Why 9/11 Matters

Being a subscriber to AAE for 9/11 truth, we have been given the option to voice our concerns on why we think 9/11 Matters.

Here is my reply sent via email:

First I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for giving me the option to share my concerns on why 9/11 is important to me – and all of us! Richard Gage and AAE and countless other independent investigators have done a superb job in keeping this issue alive and relevant.

There is no smoke without fire – so the adage goes, a somewhat fitting analogy for any conspiracy or rumour. Having watched pretty much every video myself which was doing the rounds on YouTube, as well as spending over a decade researching on the topic, it is my view the original narrative has never been adequately explained. Far too often we see a narrative put forward where the evidence is then made to fit around the story – albeit sometimes with ridiculously unbelievable levels of accuracy. Neither does this happen solely in large catastrophes but also in individual court cases such as murder trials. I am currently watching ‘The Staircase’ on Netflix and it was obviously apparent how officials were carrying out forensic testing using skew whiff experimental procedures. Then to allow a person to plead as guilty (Alford Plea) in a retrial – even when they did not commit the crime. Surely a courtroom is where honesty and integrity is expected to be at its best – why on earth would a justice system encourage people to lie for an overall outcome? 

It is not a justice system – it is just a system!

The biggest reason this matters apart from finding closure and attaining justice for the victim’s families and loved-ones is because of the sheer number of casualties. People from various nations lost their lives that day. I don’t believe this is something US officials should have the monopoly on controlling – or rather, taking the lead on investigation. I would like for all affected nations to carry out their own official investigations into the tragedy.  In the case of the tragic death of Princess Diana, both Britain and France carried out investigations – of which I’m not too happy about the conclusions on either for various reasons. Interestingly, both investigations did conclude differently proving how multi-investigations are useful when A does not find what B finds and vice versa. 

The most damning piece of information to come out of 9/11 is ex CIA agent – Robert Baer’s revelation (on camera) how foreknowledge was known by the guy who walked into his broker in San Diego and said, “Cash me out, it’s going down tomorrow!” Followed by a further revelation how “His Brother worked at the Whitehouse!”

Why is nobody ordering Robert Baer into court to explain it all? As I said before, multiple investigations from outside of the UK could prove very useful indeed.

Elgin lost its Marbles

The quandary between England and Greece over the Elgin Marbles has been going for quite some time.

It has been suggested that both countries now share ownership!

It is at least a step in the right direction!I

I was fortunate enough to learn of the fate of the marbles in the 1990s by watching the quiz show 15-1 hosted by the wonderfully astute and principled William.G.Stewart.

I didn’t have a TV licence then either but don’t tell anyone!

EU Not Ruling out BREXIT Deal Suspension

I don’t blame them. Why are they not also considering investigating the BREXIT referendum itself as it was far from democratic. Don’t tell me MI5/6 are going to play pretend and not brief EU seniors with the information they hold? If MI5/6 want to retain any credibility – they must speak out! Do they have no loyalty to Queen and country?

Brexit should never have gotten this far over the line!

Gotta love this tune!

Banks Vs Cadwalladr||My Claim

Ms Cadwalladr has won her case against financial supporting Brexiteer Aaron Banks after a lengthy 3 year court battle in which she exposed his unhealthy relations with the Russian state. Cadwalladr won on the grounds of public interest.

How odd that my revelations on MI5 being concerned about Rupert Murdoch’s power has fallen on deaf ears and not seen as a point of public interest – even to that of the CPS – who watched Murdoch’s BREXIT plan – admitted to us by John Major in the Leveson inquiry – pushed through government under the pretence of democracy.

I’m confident this will see the whole house of cards brought down!

It works for some?

Here is Major’s testimony during the phone hacking inquiry and after this we watched the referendum happen through David Cameron as Prime minister because Murdoch knows how to get what he wants!

Here is Murdoch’s own words: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/jun/28/rupert-murdoch-brexit-wonderful-donald-trump

Send Them to the Tower

A letter came through from my housing provider – who shall remain nameless at this point, to arrange a visit to do a survey on the property I have rented from them since 2006. Such a survey covers safety checks and potential future repair works on kitchens and bathrooms. Now I am a career girl (stop laughing at the back), I am having difficulty arranging time off to allow them access.

Of course, I do not take issue with safety checks per se, but my housing experience and circumstances are very different. After consulting a lawyer back in 2005 after suffering immense frustration of having to wait a lengthy time for several investigations to be carried out into disrepair, I was gobsmacked by the overall nonchalant attitude of those who are supposed to care. A surveyor went against a health visitor’s medical advice requesting my children and I were moved out temporarily until the problem was rectified. This went on for years until 2013 when the housing association decided to spend a lot of money replacing the insulation in the whole block of flats – 8 in total (4 up and for down). This did make a huge difference in terms of stopping mould and condensation, other properties were still affected and remain affected with issues such as rising water from a concrete foundation. However, the housing association sold one of the flats which needed extensive repair works. I have since been told the occupant who was privately renting moved out due to frustration of the state of the property. The last any of us heard was how she wanted to set up a neighbourhood scheme to get the issue of repairs addressed. Straight away, a resident offered up my name and said I would certainly be straight onto it. Sure!

 I will cut this story short. After enduring years of surveyors coming and going and advice given such as don’t dry clothes indoors and always place saucepan lids on pans when cooking, keep doors closed etc… I always asked why many households can do those things and not suffer issues like we have. It came down to structural problems and the building itself – information obtained via my solicitor. Lately I have discussed buying my property but I am seriously cautious about any disrepair which could cause issues in the future. Before I go ahead with any purchase I will of course need a survey carried out. Now, seeing as I live in a building block, why should I only have a survey carried out on my property? Surely anything that is wrong with the overall building could affect my property, so this begs the question, why am I paying for someone to do a survey when I should have been informed as a resident about any issues with the block? So, with this in mind and all of the overzealous health and safety legislation that applies in some aspects yet remains elusive in others, can I request councils or housing associations foot the bill for surveyor’s fees seeing as they own the external fixtures and brickwork on flats and high-rises even after we purchase the lease? This renders them (pardon the pun) liable and responsible for any costs – of course you wouldn’t want that. I think now might be a good time to mention the tower block fire at Grenfell which tragically claimed the lives of 72 people. So many people were left with properties they cannot sell. The council tax system needs serious restructuring along with some buildings. The police get more money than the fire service and people are seeing so many crimes left unsolved. Fires have existed since mankind has been around and after all of this time, we still cannot get the basics of safety right? What happened at Grenfell was avoidable. As of this week  it has taken the government 5 years to finally place a ban on the cladding materials used. Sadly, 50 tower blocks in the UK still have the cladding on.

I would like to further suggest an overhaul of how we assess driving standards in this country too.  

9/11||Truth Bomb

Why is Richard Gage and his associates spending so much time and effort on fighting the official story when we can simply drag this guy into court as he clearly knows something about foreknowledge. What has all the extradition arguments been leading up to?

Looks like a divorce is on the cards for UK and USA when they have finished with their obsessive paramore named Russia!

I cannot wait!

Rettendon: Crime Scene

What side of the shotgun did the cartridges eject from? Cartridges are found on both sides of the Range Rover. Which could strongly suggest the shooter was positioned midway behind the vehicle. Tiny specks of blood outside on the snow could have come from an open boot. The fact there are only a few suggests the doors were not open as we would expect to see more. It could have come through the open Sunroof. How likely is that? The shooter may have tilted the gun 90 degrees to get the angle through the open boot which could explain why cartridges were found inside the vehicle.

Lavatory Laughs!

While occasionally visiting an outside depot, I settled for using the ‘male’ toilets. Due to my hurrying, I forgot to lock the door properly to then find some chap walk in on me mid-flow. I did the worse thing possible – I stood up!

Anyway, I have sought my legal representative’s help who has declined to take the matter any further by explaining how getting an eyeful of my 48 year-old unkempt lady garden is punishment enough for anyone!

He got to see parts of me I have never seen and should feel honoured!