Thought for the Day

Census papers along with family tree data contain information which is made available for access at cost.

Why is it legal to obtain and sell our data?

Surely those individuals should benefit from it financially or have the right to be excluded?

What some sites are charging for access is ridiculous. Many are American sites.

Don’t forget, in the UK you can be fined £1000 for failing to complete a census.

Cameron and Roops

Murdoch rag – The Sunday Times has run a story on David Cameron and the NHS contractor which supposedly benefitted from a private meeting with Matt Hancock.

Roops throwing Cameron under a bus?

What about Roops and his female accomplice Brooks private arrangements and the Murdoch-Cameron Brexit plan? Not throwing yourselves under that bus on that.

Somebody will. Officials at Leveson have watched it go ahead.

Tut tut.

Married Couples Allowance

Seeing as equality has become a fashionable theme – can someone answer this:

Why are people classed as long term common-law couples not entitled to tax reductions as married couples are?

What’s the difference?

Why does being married have to come into your working life and the HMRC?

Why does sexual orientation have to come into politics and placed on pedestals? Are unmarried couples less fucking worthy?

I can only guess it is a reward for conformity and being well grounded. Or is it based on an assumption that married couples are a better class of society?


There are hard working couples who have stayed together all or most of their lives and raised families but they are not given credit. I can’t see tax relief being opened up to all couples, however the government can make things equal by stopping married couples tax relief which leaves more money for the treasury.

Why does a marriage certificate make a difference?

Does it go back to religion?

To think married couples get extra benefit and adultery is still not illegal or an offence.


Bristol Protests

When rioters set fire to police vehicles they are arrested and charged.

When Avon and Somerset custody officers do it, their employer refuses to take a report.

With so much ignorance from police, it is no wonder more people die at their hands.

My New Career

I have decided I’d like to become an agent with a licence to kill. Not for a specific organisation.

I am going to go Freelance!

If officials can leave organisations and continue their work – why can’t I?

Feminist Logic?

News has broken of a police officer being murdered.

Feminist: Bastard probably deserved it.

News reports state it was a female officer who was killed.

Feminist: Fucking bastard who done it. Jail him.

Further reports state it was a female officer who shot and killed her female colleague when they were fighting over a bottle of nail varnish.

Feminist: They must have had hard lives! What colour was it?

The Law, The Lawless and Lies

Certain jobs require CRB checks – understandably.
What I would like to know is in the case of misconduct in a public office such as passing on personal data to outsiders or worse, does it only get recorded as an internal work issue?

Some things happen in the work place which constitute as criminality but are covered up by internal procedures – for the sake of reputations.

Every company out there operating should have an oversight of some kind – something which I thought would be law by now. The private sectors are the worst for ducking and diving because there is sometimes no oversight.

Why is there an assumption that issues don’t arise in the private sector?
Any company which is involved with official organisations should certainly have an outside and unbiased ombudsman/oversight. Especially whereby they are employing somebody who has been disgraced in an official position previously.
Such people are crafty in using loopholes in the law to get what they want.

Very concerning.

Why are new employers not allowed to contact previous employers? With internal cover-ups, somebody could move from job to job posing a risk. Or become a menace to somebody who tries to expose them. If an organisation deals with it covertly on an internal level – that is a cover up with a deliberate intention to deceive.

Politics anyone?

How many covered up for Boris affairs?
We don’t hear Tories shouting that one at the despatch box.

I have registered my complaint and findings with my MP and told him there needs to be a panel/ board set up to oversee issues within those organisations and with my vast knowledge of such systems from DWP to Policing, Councils and more, I would like a job on that board.

How fu*ked up are things when I have to raise my concerns with an MP who took a role from a philandering/adulterous official?

50 grand a year! The maximum salary for ANY public official.

As for job advertising, all jobs should be advertised by law with no internal privilege. All companies should advertise to allow applicants to apply direct to the company whereby agency workers are also sought.

Jobs boards should be separated in two forms – one for agencies and another for those wanting direct employment.

Personally, I prefer one employer – not two.

Now let’s talk about jobs which do not require CRB checks – why should there be any?
Just because somebody is working in a non CRB required role or phone based role does not mean they are safe. They could be a domestic abuser, bully or criminal and we know how relationships are often established at work. So for those of you working on phone roles over the years who have been rude and unhelpful – or indeed anywhere – watch out! The majority of abusers think they can get away with it.

CRB checks should not cost money.
Everyone should have access to their own information free of charge via CRB office. So if anyone in the private sector police resourcing was planning on doing this with a view to increasing police funds and jobs – think again. You have been really sparse with divulging FOIA requests so why should you capitalise on using publics data when it suits you? Remember my exchanges with you to attain information after being deceived by Cold Case Review team?

I can read your minds as you are so predictable.

Try as you might to give police more money and power when they can’t be honest with the paying public and use their power to cover up and intimidate.

I’ll put a stop to that.

People in private sector such as Nicholas Gargan (whose board  boss I approached) likely aren’t subjected to CRB checks or if so, he will pass as there is no oversight for his own company he is on the board of and what he did to lose his police chief role was not considered criminal. As an owner of his own company he isn’t likely to report himself and his misuse of personal information to the director – who is his daughter.

I suspected Garhan panicked at what was coming out about him while he was chief. The way I was subjected to silencing tactics proves they were worried. And with my information on phone-hacking – of course he would be worried. Diana?

Did he lie in court during the Diana inquest because he was compromised over an affair?

Nobody official is asking that question.
People do lie to save their reputations which shows how evil puts their own job before a dead person’s rights.

We should be told the full story.
3 people died in that tunnel crash.

If you mess up in public office you should be physically removed from office and only be allowed to apply for general employment.

I have kept my email exchanges with Gargans panel boss Ellie Pyemont who runs

I will publish them soon.

Talking of emails, I have just received one from BT who are operating in 180 countries with reachable access to cables for GCHQ and Mi5/6 – including in France.

Official lies can be a huge threat to the future existence of BT for reasons of official dishonesty. Why would any country trust the UK when it can’t be honest with its own citizens?

Murdoch would love that!

There are reports about Mi5/6 claiming they allow people to commit unethical acts – possibly a get out clause for Gargan meaning Mi5/6 don’t have to answer.
How fucking vile if true.

British media kissing arse to get state funding?

Yes, I am aware HRH Prince Philip has passed away and it is more important to raise these points considering the serious bullshit he has been accused of.

My sympathy goes to all in the Royal family and extended families.

Thought for the Day

Above you will see a tweet made by MI6 chief Moore. However, the reply is very thought provoking.

Why no such flags for other causes? Inclusion – as important as it is and it highlights backward thinking to see officials having to make a point of saying something which should really go without saying.

By selecting one sector of society and putting them on a pedestal you create tension elsewhere. Maybe that is their intention – to piss off extreme feminists who try to exclude them which prompted Mr Moore to give them a space of their own?

Or, I’m guessing perhaps the trans or LGBT lobby are the ones who are nominating Mi5/6 agents for peerages and Knighthoods.

Clearly something is wrong as we see from what appears to be constant brown-nosing from Chief Moore.

Why don’t we see a ‘Women Who Have Been Left Alone To Raise Children Day’?

Or a ‘Women Who Have Suffered A Lazy Lover Who Couldn’t Be Bothered To Find Her Gspot Day’?


‘Women Who Have Been Ridiculed By Officials Day’?

You get the point.

Murders, Disappearances and Assassinations


April 26th, 1999, Jill Dando – a much loved BBC TV personality was murdered with a single bullet to the head at point blank range on her doorstep. The case still remains unsolved.

Barry George
A case for Schrödinger’s Evidence?
Wrongfully convicted after a speck of gunpowder was found in a jacket pocket a year after her murder, Barry’s family had a stressful task of battling a system which continued to pursue a conviction against him. The particle could easily have come as a result of contamination in the forensics lab, or from the officers who searched his flat. The second form of evidence used in his conviction, were common clothing fibres.
May 2001 – the trial against Barry had begun. He was convicted by a jury consisting of 7 women and 5 men. The case took a bizarre turn of events when one of the detectives resigned after leaking details to the media without authorisation. Another officer was removed from the case as it was revealed he had an affair with a neighbour of Jill’s. The woman also alleged a claim of harrassment which she later dropped. On top of all of this, a witness commited suicide. Defense Barrister Michael Mansfield QC, worked to get his conviction overturned during the appeal and succeeded.

Serb Theory
Arkan – a notorious commander of a non-official group who made a living from crime who was approached by a reporter and tagged him as a killer claiming it was known worldwide how he was a murderer. Arkan, looked the interviewer in the face and responded by saying: “That is absolute bu*t!” His body language was convincing enough to suggest that he was telling the truth.
Arkan, was assassinated on January 15th, 2000.
Tony Blair – British Prime Minister at the time, became scapegoat number one after the bombing of a Serb TV station which conspiracists claim led to retaliation in the form of Jill’s assassination and for her appeal for the Kosovo children. Blair, came under fire again two years later for his agreement to go to war in Iraq.
The BBC, claimed a call came into their office the day after Jill’s murder. Allegedly, an MI5 officer attended the court case and informed the prosecution there was no evidence in the Serb connection.

Analysis: Barry, had been a member of a gun club. Handguns were banned in the UK in 1996, (excluding Northern Ireland). It is reasonable to suggest he may have picked up the composite particles from the club. Jill, was killed two years after Diana. Theories for both women conveniently moved the spotlight away from some who may be guilty of something.
In my opinion, Jill’s murder was not an isolated incident and almost certainly to do with her exposure of criminals. The paedophile link is a ridiculous one. Some of you may be aware of Cliff Richard’s close relationship with Jill. There were certainly no issues between them as was evidenced by his attendance at her funeral. The Lunatic Fringe, insist Jill Dando was murdered as a result of planning to investigate alleged child abuse around employees at the BBC, and the wider establishment. Let it be said here and now, Ms Dando, was not investigating anything at the BBC as she was a presenter. If unhappy, it would be likely for her to have left her job. I have never had any faith in such awful tales. The following chapters and my own knowledge will reveal the reasons why.
Attacks on female presenters are nothing new, as we know from when BBC presenter Jan Leeming, was attacked in 1987, where ammonia was thrown in her face. The incident had connections to Scotland. Jill’s brother, Nigel Dando, had been working at the Bristol Evening Post, when she was murdered and left the newspaper not long after to work for BBC radio. Nobody seems to be looking there. I am unsure if he was working for the newspaper when Bristol car dealer, Wayne Lomas, disappeared as he also worked for The Weston Mercury.
Gerry Coulter, (a businessman) who runs a website aimed at exposing Dorset police officers after accusing them of stitching him up over his stolen Jeep, claims gangsters paid him a visit telling him they would kill Dorset officers for £10,000 each. They proved their credentials by telling him they had the contract to kill Jill Dando. What a coincidence that gangsters would happen to knock on his door as he was having issues with police? Gerry, was accused of causing the suicide of a lawyer during the fiasco over his jeep. As luck would have it, I managed to obtain Gerry’s phone number and gave him a call. I was unaware of the connection to Jill at that time. I told him how I wasn’t exactly fond of Dorset police myself and he said, ” Look, if you want them sorted out…?”
That sounds like fighting talk. If he is so opposed to doing them harm, then why did he say that?
I was told by an officer within Dorset how Gerry is a dangerous man. He never elaborated on why. The officer asked if I had spoken to Gerry to which I replied, “No.” Which I did for a good reason. This is Dorset police who I have been told by my own force has an officer that could do me harm. Why? because I know his secrets and what he hides? Your biggest problem is that Rupert Murdoch knows what you have all done. The Sun were sniffing around in Bristol a long time ago – since the 80’s in fact. The damage has already been done to me. No thanks to the aforementioned Dorset cop and the person who leaked information and then acts innocent when the police show up to speak to him. If the leak was so innocent then why did he not give the name(s)?
Gerry’s gangster story featured in the British press.

A senior from Metropolitan Police force told me during a phone conversation over Jill’s murder, “We are pretty sure we know who was behind that.” During the same call, I mentioned the imprisonment of Barry George. The officer told me very assuredly, “It wasn’t him. He didn’t do it.” In one respect I admired the honesty, in another I was wondering if they had told this important detail to the family. During a conversation I had with Barry’s sister Michelle, she expressed concern for how the police seem happy to leave Barry in the frame. The above conversations with officers took place during a time when all phone records and coms were monitored and stored for up to one year. I hope GCHQ have a copy?

During my research, the case of Steven Young came up. Young, was convicted in 1994, of murdering newly-wedded couple Nicola and Harry Fuller, in East Sussex. He happened to be their insurance clerk. Harry, was a car dealer. During interrogation, he revealed how he used to make his own bullets from shells and gunpowder. The bullet used to kill Jill Dando was handmade or crimped in some way.

The Disappearance of Carol Packman
In 1985, following complications in her marriage, Carole is said to have left a note stating she was leaving her Bournemouth home. Her husband, Russell, is currently serving a prison sentence for her murder, even though she remains missing. Carole, is not on any missing persons list I have searched. When I made enquiries, I was told that information on missing persons databases only exist as a wish from the families, or if the police supply information. I find it interesting how her husband was imprisoned for her murder without any physical evidence being found. John Cannan, was never given a sentence for Suzy Lamplugh’s disappearance even though police strongly believe there is a link. One officer, Jim Dickie, openly admitted he believed he did it.

Russell Packman
Police began suspecting Russell when it emerged he committed an act of fraud by faking his death. The case of fraud and Carole’s disappearance became part of a TV series with Mark Williams-Thomas – an ex-officer with Surrey Police, who kept people on the edge of their seats with a huge revelation in the form of a letter of confession which viewers were not allowed to see. A Netflix production also followed. Russell is said to have confessed to killing his wife and incinerating her in the garden of their home. Police forensics found no evidence of the claim.
Analysis: We sometimes see prisoners admitting guilt to fellow inmates on crimes they have denied in court, and quite often inventing horrific stories of how they dispose of people. This could be done out of bravado as some form a safe defence against being attacked. A message that says, “Don’t mess with me.” As for Mark Williams Thomas keeping people on their seats? If anyone finds me watching his crap again, I want you to push me off mine.

Sandra Court
May 2nd, 1986, 27 year-old insurance clerk Sandra Court, had her evening planned and like many others, she would be spending it in a nightclub in Bournemouth. Her body was found the next day lying face down in a stream near The Avon Causeway. She had been strangled. No DNA evidence was found at the scene as it was claimed the water had destroyed all chances of finding any. Some of her belongings were found in various locations nearby. The last sighting of Sandra was by a taxi driver who had dropped her at her sisters in the early hours. In the aftermath, a letter was posted to police claiming the tragic killing to be a mistake. The envelope was postmarked Southampton.
Authors Analysis: The Southampton link could have been a purposeful attempt to divert police investigations. Suzy had worked with convicted serial killer Steve Wright, on the QE2 cruise ship which runs from Southampton.
Jack The Ripper anyone? The media do love sensationalism.
Apparent evidence exists which places John Cannan in the area on the day of Sandra’s disappearance in the form of a pay & display parking ticket obtained in Bournemouth. I can only assume his connection and familiarity to Bournemouth was possibly due to his stay at The Verne before transferring to Wormwood Scrubs on his pre-release scheme. Let us also not forget Bournemouth being where Carole Packman disappeared from. Cannan is said to have struck up a good relationship with a prison officer whilst he was there. Trusted prisoners were apparently allowed to run the cafeteria.

When we put all evidence together of John’s whereabouts, it paints a very, very detailing picture. Either that or he is one of the most unluckiest people on this earth in terms of being at, or near all of the crime scenes. Especially with his form.
Only 6 police forces on a national level have unsolved murder cases. Metropolitan Police, currently have the highest number of unsolved cases.
Martyn Underhill, the Police and Crime Commissioner of Dorset, told Operation Weeting how he believed his phone may have been hacked when he was at Sussex police working on the investigation into the murder of the young girl Sarah Payne. At some point, he was contacted by the News of The World (NOTW) for an interview claiming they had received some information from a reliable source. He then threatened to sue. Claims of misconduct were raised against Underhill whilst in Sussex Police. A local newspaper was informed by a senior Sussex Police officer, that such accusations were untrue. Underhill retired from the job eventually and moved to Dorset. Sarah Payne’s mother had an association with Rebekah Brooks – editor of The Sun, through a joint campaign to name and shame convicted paedophiles. Rather bizarre when we found out how an ex cop was convicted over indecent child porn images in the background of the phone hacking scandal. This was revealed during the investigation into the murder of a private investigator called Daniel Morgan. Accusations of an inappropriate relationship between Mrs Payne and Underhill followed messages sent between them both. Underhill claims they were misinterpreted. If the source was genuine, the NOTW would have run it. The fact they didn’t run the story can be seen as evidence it was either obtained dishonestly, it was untrue, or it was a game of inducing paranoia. What was the attraction with Underhill joining Dorset Police? The media wanting to name and shame anybody could be seen as ironic given their known record and goodness knows what else they hide. As for Mrs Brooks, she shouldn’t complain when somebody starts questioning her ex-hubby over what she really knows about phone hacking.

Underhill, would have been at Sussex police when an unidentified female corpse was found in Ashdown Forest, Sussex – a month after Suzy Lamplugh disappeared. The body was found wrapped in two curtains, one consisting of a pale blue stripe design and a white one bearing a floral design. Cannan, during his interrogation by Bristol police, started talking about curtains in relation to a clothes shop attack.
I personally found myself in a bit of bother over the case of Carole Packman when a phone call came from an officer in Northampton force who’d received a complaint about my comments on the case. He also said, “I am not saying I don’t want you to discuss the Packman case on line.” Following the call, I complained to Dorset Police (DorPol) and said it was partly their fault along with other agencies when they don’t answer claims around dubious cases and are reluctant to give full facts. I was also told my concerns over Mark Williams-Thomas misleading people warrants investigation. That was over 18 months ago. Meanwhile, I have found myself carted off to the police station, intimidated, and silenced from many angles. I have also been served warnings and cautions for being unprofessional towards officials. Luckily, I remained on good terms with Carole’s daughter Samantha. Her young son has had to live the nightmare in tandem with his mother and see the effects. Sadly, I can’t see them obtaining much honesty through the media. The family also raised concerns over Mark Williams-Thomas and his conduct. Dorset police, as elusive as always, have answered to nobody. It is like some kind of scheming is taking place.


Shirley Banks
A newly-wed, disappeared on the early evening of October 8th, 1987, during a shopping trip to buy a new dress. A transaction on her credit card shows a purchase in Broadmead, Bristol. Neither police or her loved ones know exactly what happened after that point. It is presumed she made her way back to her Mini which would have been in a car park in Bristol. The only certainty is she didn’t come home that night. Her husband, Richard, was waiting for her to join him at a pre-arranged drinking venue. When she didn’t show up, he made several attempts to find her, then went to bed for the evening. The next day, police were notified. Shirley’s employer claimed she called in sick. Police believe somewhere between leaving the shop and returning to her vehicle, she may have met John Cannan.
Meanwhile, at Cave Cannan – witness accounts for the following day after Shirleys abduction – one of them – Cannan’s neighbour, spoke to John that afternoon when he asked to borrow her vaccum to clean his BMW. Cannan had also arranged to cook a meal for the owners of a local plant shop he regularly used. The couple had tried to call him on the previous evening when Shirley disappeared, but there was no answer. They gave up and the following morning at 9am on Friday 9th, October, they tried again and he answered straight away. Would he have answered the phone if he was holding Shirley captive? He also made a visit to the shops and then on to the bank. Details of his movements later that evening, and the previous, are not known. John could not give police an alibi of where he was on the evening of the 8th of October, when Mrs Banks was last seen. A taxi driver called at Johns flat during the day on October 9th. John informed the driver he had not booked a taxi. Did Police or somebody perhaps do it as a ruse to spook him? Reports say Shirley’s husband went to the Police the following evening after she failed to return for a second day. However, I read somewhere that one of her friends went to the police earlier in the day. Cannan, possibly on foot, most likely abducted her in the car park using her own vehicle. Shirley’s body would eventually be found in the Quantock Hills on April 3rd, 1988 (Easter). Police believe Cannan took Shirley back to his flat at Foye House, in Leigh Woods, Bristol. A thorough forensic search of his home apparently revealed a thumbprint of Shirley’s on a document. Her vehicle was found in his garage situated at ground level on the block of flats. A middle aged couple came forward to report an incident while waiting in traffic near Leigh woods, after hearing a dispute between a man and a woman. Detective Saunder’s, who led the case, was skeptical of the account. Whilst being interviewed, John let information out where he mentions knowing three women were dead. He named one of those women as Shirley Banks when discussing the Mini found in his garage. The vehicle was now painted a different colour. John gave a story to detectives where he claimed he had bought the car from a businessman for £100. The officer asked, “Was that man you?” He replied, “Yes,” then hastily recanted by repeatedly saying “No.” At this point, the officers decide to take a break. Police also believed John obtained money which they couldn’t account for. Robbery?


Shani warren
April 17th 1987 – Shani Warren was aged 26 when her body was found in the river Taplow in Maidenhead. Her hands were tied behind her back and a ligature found around her neck. Interestingly, grass cuttings placed inside of bin liners had been in the boot of the car left in a layby. The cuttings had come from her garden which she had been mowing that day, and was on her way to return some gardening equipment to a family member. A card and Easter egg were also found near the front seat intended for a male friend. Home Office pathologist Dr. Benjamin Davies, who conducted a post mortem said he was certain it was suicide having seen three similar cases recently. The coroner gave an open verdict.

Analysis: John Cannan mentioned a lawnmower being in the back of his vehicle during police interrogation. Why would Cannan need a lawnmower when he lived in a block of flats? Presumably communal areas would have been tended to by Bristol Council? An official, commenting on the Suzy Lamplugh case once said he didn’t believe in too many coincidences.
You can guess what I am thinking.

Suzy Lamplugh’s Disappearance

Suzy, worked at an estate agency and an unfortunate turn of events occurred on the 28th of July 1986, in Fulham, London. She was 25 years old. Police had focused solely on a name written in her diary. It was an appointment for meeting at a property in Shorrolds Road, with a client by the name of Mr Kipper. She would never return from that appointment. The Metropolitan police liaised with Avon and Somerset constabulary to look for any potential cases with Shirley. It is not known if Dorset police were contacted and involved in investigations if we take into account the details of Cannan’s previous stay in a Portland prison.
Police managed to catch John after he launched an attacked in a shop in Leamington Spa. A member of staff ran into the street to cry for help where two men passing by gave chase. One of the men managed to flag down a vehicle which had a carphone. As they conversed, one of them noticed the attacker walk out of a nearby church yard. The police arrived and one of the accidental heroes travelled with police to help identify him. They noticed a man walking casually, but as he was empty-handed, they dismissed him. The police searched the churchyard grounds and found a bag containing a knife and a motorcycle helmet. As police continued to search the area, they spotted the man again and noticed his hand was bleeding. This would be the day when John Cannan would be caught in the act. Never causing a scene while leaving a scene.
Suzy, left her office to go and meet her client at Shorrolds Road, Fulham. Her Ford Fiesta registration number B396 GAN was later found parked in Stevenage Road, a little distance away. This number plate would similarly replicate one which Cannan placed on Shirley Banks Mini of SLP 386S. Witnesses described seeing a smartly dressed man in the area. One witnesses who lived near the house where Suzy was supposed to have met the client, spoke of seeing a smartly dressed man holding a bottle of Champagne. Suzy’s disappearance made national headline news. An out of date photograph was circulated which showed her with dark hair, but before her disappearance she had dyed her hair a lighter colour. Details such as these are crucial to any investigation. Not too far away in Wormwood Scrubs, John Cannan was approaching the end of his sentence on a pre-release scheme which meant he was allowed out during the day. While he was allowed some freedom, he found employment working in a prop hire store. Claims have been made that the driver’s seat has been adjusted for somebody taller. A Jogger came forward saying he noticed a couple who looked like they were arguing or laughing in a dark coloured BMW. A lady who knew Suzy saw her driving in her car with a male passenger along the Fulham Palace Road, around lunchtime. Colleagues who worked with John said he spoke of purchasing a property in Fulham. Detective Chief inspector Jim Dickie believed John’s preferred choice of motor’s to be BMWs. John worked in the car dealership for some time where he was given the nickname Billy Liar. John, was no stranger to women and had a penchant for seduction. He was once married for several years and living in Sutton Coldfield. The marriage ended when he left his wife for a lover. It is claimed during the relationship his violence would become established. According to some sources, a series of unexplained attacks were being reported in the Birmingham area around the time he was married. The perpetrator targeted homes with for sale signs to attack females inside.

The majority of his incarceration would be spent in Horfield Prison, Bristol. The book ‘Prime Suspect’ written by crime investigator Christopher Berry Dee, details Cannan’s short stay at The Verne prison in Dorset. John requested a transfer because of problems at his current prison.

Police were drowned by the amount of information coming in from the public. This was during the 1980s when everything was handwritten. Records still exist today on approximately 26,000 cards in the old index system files. Police had to scrutinise every little detail. Reports also suggested police felt somewhat hindered because of so much press attention. Suzy’s parents received a lot of mail following her disappearance, including rather disturbing content claiming to know what happened to their daughter. Mr and Mrs Lamplugh felt compelled to read everything in case they missed information which could give them the slightest lead.

Jill Dando & Suzy Lamplugh Coincidence?
60 Wyfold Rd, had been written and scribbled out in Suzy’s diary. Which happens to be only a couple of streets away from Gowan Avenue where Jill Dando was murdered years later. The words Wardo (bike contract) is written underneath. Jill moved to Fulham in 1994, after working for a regional news company since 1986.

Analysis: It is my opinion John would rapidly dispose of the women he killed. The women he formed long relationships with lived to tell the tale. Was Suzy in a relationship with him? It was reported that during her conversations with people, she raised concerns of dating a guy who was starting to frighten her. Bristol was mentioned during conversations. There has never been any mention of John’s fingerprints being found in her vehicle. He cleaned his prints from her car at what point?
I have tried to obtain information from the prison, The Home Office, Dorset Police and various agencies to ask if John Cannan had served time at The Verne. I also asked if he was ever a suspect in the disappearance of Carole Packman. The information has never been confirmed or denied. Given the way Cannan used code in his methods, Suzy’s vehicle itself could have been an important part of his acts. B396 GAN – This spells ‘Bang’ out of order. He also uses the word sedimentary in his dating video which may be relevant. As for keeping Shirley hostage in his flat, I don’t believe she was there. Julia Holman came forward around the time Shirley went missing to report an attempted abduction as she was getting in to her vehicle in a car-park in Canon’s Marsh Bristol. The attacker had a gun, where did they get it from? Julia screamed at him and managed to slam the car door before anything happened. The sting in the tail for John Cannan is the existence of evidence which places him at all of the locations where three women went missing, and possibly a fourth – Carole Packman. Until somebody proves otherwise, he should be a possible suspect. I always believed Suzy was living with her parents however, She was living in a flat elsewhere. This information seems to be lacking in mainstream articles. Her flat was never searched rigorously. Police claim the flat looked tidy and showed no signs of a disturbance so there was no need to do a detailed search. She also had a flat mate. Police searched Cannan’s property thoroughly and this was ultimately how they claimed they found her thumbprint. Shirley’s home was checked so officers could compose a full set of her fingerprints to find a match. The taxi being called to Cannan’s flat may have been a stunt by the police or the media to try and frighten him whilst spiked with a hint at the Sandra Court case.
One question I have always asked, of all the women he abducted, did any of them ever go to his flat? The Police have claimed John had taken Shirley back to his flat at Foye House in Leigh woods, Bristol. Let’s not forget this was a newlywed woman who probably had no desire to want to stray from her husband. Police are expecting people to believe he would manage to abduct her and take her to his flat without so much as screaming or shouting. He certainly ran a risk of bumping into a neighbour visitors while trying to get her to his front door as his flat was part of a complex with various levels and corridors. There are claims that Shirley was tied up. If this was the case, how on earth did her thumbprint get onto a document left in his flat? This document had been kept in a chest at Johns home. How does somebody leave a thumbprint on something without getting any other fingerprints on it or on anything else? Assuming he wiped her car clean of any fingerprints or anything that would give away the fact that it belonged to Shirley. This would possibly be the reason why he had the car repainted and put on a new number plate which now read SLP 386S. The only thing that fits a description of a document with Shirley’s thumbprint on would be the tax disc from her vehicle which was found in John’s briefcase. John had voiced his concerns of police possibly ‘stitching him up’ on evidence. During interrogation of his whereabouts on the night Shirley disappeared, he was asked if he had spoken to his mother that evening. John took a phone call the following morning from the lady who runs the plant shop to cancel their dinner, so why would John have not been in a position to take a call from his mother the night before, but take a call the next morning whilst he supposedly has somebody held captive in his flat? It would stand to reason that he was not at home on the previous night because he was out of Bristol with Shirley and returned after disposing of her. Would somebody clean a vehicle before they dispose of a body or take somebody to kill them? The Police are suggesting he may have disposed of her later the following day.
Something John said during an interview about Shirley’s thumbprint found inside of his flat made me want to question it. He told officers how the document in question had never left his flat. Was this an attempt by John to either wittingly or unwittingly let the officers know that not only was Shirley never in his flat, but an admittance he could have been with her outside somewhere? Subconsciously, is he telling? It is interesting how John turned the conversation to outside, possibly because he knows she was never in there? I believe this piece of information should have been pursued further. Another lost opportunity by the officers unless they did fake the evidence or indeed plant evidence as John suspected them of doing. John may know full well the police are lying, but he cannot prove it without admitting guilt. He told police he had been in Sutton Coldfield on the 6th and 7th of October. His cash withdrawals had shown evidence he was elsewhere.
A forensic examiner interviewed over the dark blue/green buttons found in dark red mud at the scene of Quantock hills, near Bridgewater spoke of how they still had stitching attached to them. He was given an identical dress the same as the one Shirley had allegedly bought to compare and found a match on the thread.
*Note the forensic examiner interviewed for a documentary didn’t say it was a visual check on the buttons as would be expected. Plastic does not break down easily, but the stitching thread was still in good enough condition for them to get a result? Do we know for certain she bought a dress? Did credit or debit card transactions detail items purchased? I thought only a receipt could do that. Which would have disappeared with Shirley. Seeing as a small bag from the place of purchase was found in Cannan’s car, it could suggest Shirley had bought something else (smaller) than a dress? The excuse given, was the shop had run out of larger bags. Shirley was also found naked. Interestingly, in another case of a dead unidentified female in the woods a month after Suzy went missing, some nightdresses were said to be relevant to the case during a Crimewatch episode. Shirley’s trial lasted three weeks and on April 28th 1989, after the jury deliberated for over 10 hours, the verdict was reached. Mr Justice Drake sentenced Cannan to 30 years with a recommendation he should: “Never again be at liberty outside of prison walls.”

Detectives on the case allegedly had ties made for themselves bearing Cannons. This was met with complaints.
Police records claim Cannan was in Reading on October 7th, 1986, when a female was attacked. Thames Valley Police arrested him and put him on an identification parade but found no evidence from forensic testing and no charges followed as Supt. Tony Miller claimed. Cannan supposedly drove the victim to a spot where he attacked her. Mixed reports suggest he may have arrived there via train. In 1988, when Avon and Somerset police requested forensic samples, the lab technician decided to do one final test. It resulted in a match with semen found in the underwear of the victim in Reading.
Carole Packman, was reported to have walked into a police station to inform the officers that she was safe and well. No evidence to prove or disprove the claim has been shown.
If his suspected record on killing is to be believed, Cannan is what I would deem a male Black Widow. He systematically preys on his victims and kills them instantly or during. There is no denying John Cannan is an unsavory character – something he admits himself, but people should be convicted using factual and sound evidence and not lies or guess work. I can understand the frustration in trying to find out what happened to Shirley for the sake of her family, but it would be very unprofessional if at any point the police and authorities misled or deceived in any way to shape the outcome. The thumbprint is a pivotal piece of evidence and was a crucial part of his conviction. If information comes to light to prove somebody tampered or faked evidence, they need to be careful it isn’t used against the police.
Crimewatch (May 1987) featured a man robbing a Leeds Building Society in Prestwich who looked eerily like Cannan. The thief used a handgun (automatic) as can be seen in the footage. This confused me because in all of the police reconstructions during the investigation into his crimes, they show him using a revolver type pistol. Furthermore, I have not found anything regarding any charges against him for robbery in 1987.
During the investigation into Shirley’s murder, Detective Bryan Saunders from A&S Police had raised concerns about reporters from The Sun newspaper hanging around Cannan’s flat. It looks like the authorities later got to them with the phone-hacking inquiry though.

Too late for some.

It has been claimed by an ex-Scotland Yard officer how Suzy Lamplugh, was not given the keys to Shorrold’s Road on the day she disappeared and could have been running an errand or off to meet a lover.
I am not sure if this is true but the fact her vehicle was found not too far away from the house supposedly being viewed might say different and, of course, the fact initial investigations state the keys were never found. Suzy’s car was parked at Whittingstall Road, while she was in the office that morning.
It is also alleged Suzy lost some belongings from her handbag while in a pub a few days before. She had arranged to pick up the items that fateful day from the landlord who found them near the pub door. How did those items leave her bag?
Did somebody perhaps take them when she left it open on her chair or under a table?
How did Cannan (if it was him) know where she worked? Maybe he took the items to find an address of her work or home? Dumping them on his way out. Or maybe they fell out during a heated argument?

SLP 386S

Suzy Lamplugh

3 women Dead since 86

All beginning with letter S – Suzy, Shirley, Sandra.

It is interesting when we take into account the Shirley Banks case whereby police claimed her thumbprint was found on a document in his flat. If Shirley had made a phone call from Cannan’s flat to Shirley’s place of employment – it would have led police straight to him. Instead, we see a cat and mouse game and police struggling to get evidence.
Did the barman find Suzy’s items? Why did nobody else see them seeing as they were found near the entrance/exit? Furthermore, a man was claimed to have phoned the pub claiming to be a police officer. Was it Cannan? or somebody telling the Landlord to get Suzy to meet him elsewhere? Even if innocent on their part – realising you could have been party to a murder, is somewhat worrying.
Shirley, apparently spoke to the landlord’s wife at 12:40 on July 28th, 1986 after speaking to her bank about her Cheque-book which was one of the items missing from her bag.

John Cannan named the guy he bought the Mini from as Mr Hodgkinson — apparently Suzy had a boyfriend at one time named Hodgkinson. Did Cannan see such info in Suzy’s diary (missing from her bag) in the pub?
People repeatedly ask why the police have never pinned Suzy’s murder on Cannan – well it may not be in their best interest to go there if they knowingly falsified evidence in the Shirley Bank’s case? Or they possibly messed up with his prison arrangements.
Once all of his crimes are out in the open, he is free to tell the world and possibly prove the police lied in the Bank’s case. Another side is that Police may have known he was the killer and — if he did — for argument sake, escape The Verne prison in Dorset to kill Carol Packman, how will it look for the police? Or perhaps the possibility of such a scenario was on the mind of officers in that area – hence silence over his prison record at The Verne known by crime writer Christopher Berry-Dee. Where did Berry Dee get the information? Surely fact checking would have been something he practiced as a criminologist and writer.
John has said in official interviews how the police have acted inappropriately — although, he has not been specific and possibly cannot say so without implicating himself in the process – or the other scenario is he is innocent.
The fact David Videcette comes out 33 years later with a story which all officers previous to him failed to investigate seems convenient – for who?
It may be that once Cannan is dead he will be publicly named and certified as Suzy’s killer.

After all, dead men can’t talk — let alone fight back.

Quote of the Day: News of the World Journalist

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Rebekah Brooks ordered journalists to break the rules on Barrymore incident.

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Nothing further to report as of yet.

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