A Closed Mind Is A Closed Book

Far be it from me to tell all who believe in the Bible they are wrong, however they do themselves no favours when only using the Middle East as the only reference for education when it comes to finding knowledge and/or truth. One thing we can all agree on is how the Bible is allegory – in whole or in part!

This world is big and so are we

A very interesting take a regular blog subscription of mine has on this. I did quite a lot of research on bible scripture – it was accidental when researching something else. My initial quest was to ascertain what Behemoth could possibly be. It was only through looking at various bible quotes and Jewish scripture that I discovered something I believe to be of importance. More on that later!

Moving on to the mention of Jesus and magic… 

In my opinion,  Jesus is (not always?) interpreted as a personification of The Sun.

Equally, the three kings could be a personification of the three main pyramids in Egypt. Did the story of Christ originate from Egyptian culture? Those of us who study famous paintings will likely have seen various images whereby religious beings are depicted with the Sun positioned behind their heads. One such image has been used on The Spirited Nature blog. I will cite others I had discovered when researching the story of Rennes le Chateau at some point.if you have not looked in to the connection with Rennes then I would recommend you do.

Jesus Walking On Water?

What is Behemoth?

From The Book of Enoch: Behemoth is the unconquerable male land-monster, living in an invisible desert east of the Garden of Eden

 In the Haggadah, Behemoth’s strength reaches its peak on the summer solstice of every solar year (around 21 June). This date is significant because not only is it actually the Summer solstice but on that date the sun lines up with both Stonehenge and the Pyramids and The Sphinx .

So, if Behemoth is The Sphinx – as I suspect, we have a geographical reference point of location which places it to the East of Eden.

Was the truth hiding in plain sight all along?

Only a fool would rubbish the Bible. It is better to challenge a belief to find your own level of understanding than to ignore it. Personally, I do not class myself as religious – does that conclude I am an atheist? I do not think so and nor is it a label I would want applied to myself. For me it is not as simple as believing or disbelieving as there are many things we are asked to place faith in. I’m more than happy to put the effort into finding out what I can by using the knowledge left to us by others whether it is to discount it or build on it.

For the time being, I class myself as being in the In-between category!